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Jonathan Keith Idema
Super Patriot

Both quotes are from “The Hunt for Bin Laden” by Robin Moore, 2003

page 304-

As the sun glinted off the black Lexan glass shielding his eyes, he turned to the north, and saw the devastation of the Shomali Plains - the mines laid by countless invaders, and the scorched earth the Taliban had left.

The crisp desert air dehydrated his face. He could feel the hard steel corners of his two Soviet 9mm Makarov pistols - one in a shoulder holster under his black field jacket, and the other tucked into the small of his back. His hand reached down and touched the ejection seat lever as he stretched his legs, pushing against the rough canvass seat pads.

His black and white checkered Massoud scarf flew in the wind...

“God I hate it when a war ends,” Jack said quietly as he stared at his drink. His teary eyes glassed over from the booze.

page 307-

One question would remain - how did Jack, operating completely independently of TF DAGGER and the Central Command, interject himself so completely in America’s War on Terrorism?

Maybe there were dozens of guys called Jack running around Afghanistan, and maybe there was just one. Regardless of how many there were, or will ever be, regardless of who he was, Jack got results, and he is the kind of American that our Afghan allies want to see more of.

In Afghanistan, to which he returned, he is simply known as Jack, and always will be...

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